Friday, 4 December 2009

Christmas Shopping


Photo by Metania99

I approach Christmas shopping in rather a haphazard way.  I may half heartedly write a list, but the list doesn't then really feature in the shopping itself.  I much prefer just going out and seeing what's out there and if I see something I love, then try and match it to someone I need to buy for.

A back to front approach, I admit.

Today I went  to Westfield shopping centre in London, with my friend Harry.  Another good friend was supposed to join us, but bless her at nearly 8 months pregnant it wasn't the best of plans.  (Sarah, my love if you are reading this you wouldn't have kept up the pace!!).

Harry actually came home with one of those little blue boxes above, yes a Tiffany necklace.  I refused to try one on even when the salesman pushed me as I know once you have touched something you want it all the more, and anything in that shop is completely out of my budget.

I did buy this below though, both the frame and the postcard are from Paperchase.  A purely self indulgent, unnecessary purchase.  A present for myself.


The little girl reminds me of Yoyo.

And Harry, if you read this...there is no need to mention *any* of my other purchases.  Let's leave it at the frame and postcard.....I've blanked the others out.

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