About Me

 I'm Anna.

The boring stuff - I'm 32, I work as an HR Advisor, I live in a small town in the UK.  I'm married to 'The Queen of Clean' (a borderline compulsive cleaner - very useful I can tell you).

Interiors have been my 'thing' for as long as I can remember, and I started writing this blog to try and collate my ideas after moving into our family home 18 months ago. 

My mother has always accused me of having 'champagne ideas on a ginger beer budget', and I have to admit she is right.  I go through phases of watching the pennies and then have a huge splurge....usually on something for the house.

As time has gone on the blog has diversified a bit - I'll often ramble about my parenting journey.  It feels good to have a place I can capture all the little moments that can easily slip by.  I have three children 2 boys (youngest and eldest), and one daughter (who I refer to as Yoyo on this blog - not her real name I assure you).  My eldest son has a language disorder, which has undoubtedly had an influence on our parenting experience, but you probably won't see me mention it in my posts.  This place, for whatever reason, just doesn't feel the place to discuss it.   But in case I allude to anything and it seems confusing - there you have it.  The 'official' line.

Yikes, it's difficult to discuss yourself isn't it?  Feels like the dreaded 'Personal Statement' section of a CV.  I think that's about it for now.

Thank you for reading this blog, I love receiving your comments and feedback so please, please do get in touch.

Anna x


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