Sunday, 30 January 2011

Natural Taupe 1

On a whim this afternoon I bought a tester paint pot of Natural Taupe 1 (Dulux of course).  I intended to just 'test' it on the chimmney breast, but we got carried away and couldn't stop painting.  The littlest ones were also we thought we may as well paint the whole thing.  Well, at least until the tester pot ran dry.  Of course I wasn't organised enough to take a before picture, but I found this one from a past post.

Anyway we are loving this new colour.  The whole room before was an insipid magnolia shade and we love the warmth this taupe brings to the room. We're just not sure how far to take it.  The Queen of Clean wants to paint the entire room (which I disagreed with at first, but now I'm undecided).  I'm worried it may be too dark, although this room does windows either end (it is our living/dining room) and is usually really light.  The alternative would be to paint a paler shade or cream everywhere else.  Was thinking the walls on other side of the room could get the taupe treatment also, but perhaps that's a bit of a dated look now. 

Arrgh....decisions, decisions. 

I think we'll live with our tester pot chimmney breast for a couple of weeks before we commit either way.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Three beautiful things

1.  This heart that Yoyo gave me for christmas.  No further explanation required.

2.  The kids wanted some pirate treasure maps which turned into a fierce competition between me and The Queen of Clean with cold tea, burnt edges, crumpling effects etc.  Why beautiful?  Because it was one of those times when the urgency of what we had been doing was put to one side and our focus was them.  Because that is important, and doesn't always happen.   Who won?  Me for my burnt edges.  Sorry no pics....they were last seen being taken outside to locate treasure.

3. My littlest one makes friend with a Ladybird who he wants to keep as a pet and find a cage for.  (I also think he may be permanently cross eyed from inspecting this new pet).  Managed to convince him a  cage probably not the most sensible option for his new friend, we decided to park him in amongst a basket of socks instead.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Garden in January ('s not pretty!)

I've deliberately made my pictures for this post black and white, as it conveys my mood about the garden at the moment.  I do enjoy gardening, but only really venture out there when the weather is okay.

So at the moment every time I glimpse out on these scenes I'm about to show you, I just can't imagine that in a few months time it will look alright again.

These are my bay trees, that usually live either side of the front door.  When I was poorly and not going out of the house during the heavy snow I forgot to protect them and they have suffered.  When I finally got to them, one had been directly under a gutter and  a huge block of ice had formed in amongst the leaves.  I bought them in to the kitchen for a bit of TLC and a defrost with the hairdryer for a couple of days, then moved them to the back of the house against a warm wall.   

Despite this lavish care I think it may be bad news.  Some of the leaves are starting to develop black spots and it doesn't bode well.

These are the raised beds.  Looking a bit sorry for themselves.  Do your remember them here?

They just have some tuscan kale in at the moment - am not sure whyat made me decide to grow that, think Alys Fowler inspired me to grow it, but I've never actually eaten the stuff. seems to be growing at least.  I'm also using the raised beds to overwinter some hostas and other things that were too cramped in last years flower beds.  I thought if I took them out and cared for them in there I'd remember to reposition them come April time.

 So this is the view from my raised beds to the other end of the garden.  We had 3 trees removed at our neighbours request this summer and didn't realise how bare it would make everything look come this time of year.  We are planning what evergreen shrubs/trees we can plant this year to balance it back out.  I am officially sick of looking at that fence.

And finally, this little corner with it's cracked and empty pots kind of sums the whole garden up - in limbo.

Playing a waiting game, not sure of it's purpose.

In the meantime, I just need to take a deep breath every time I catch a glimpse and keep reminding myself it will look lovely again.

And please....keep your fingers crossed for my bay trees!

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Ahhh, that's better.  Our playroom all picked up at night.  Calm at the end of the day.  We've decided to hang on to our festive fairy lights all year round in an attempt to disguise the central heating pipes.

Looked like this within 5 mins of kids awaking the next morning though! I love my cow print cushion on the red chair, but their morning ritual is to throw it off.  Why?  Who knows?  I think I replace that cushion approx 5 times a day. 

Excuse the black shadow in the corner, I thought I had damaged the Queen of Clean's Nikon lens (yikes - very £££), but in fact I just hadn't got the lens hood on properly.  Which he had great joy in pointing out to me. Evidence, though that I am getting better acquainted with the camera.

The other side of this room with our world map mural you can see in this post here.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Because I'm no good with shopping lists

This is my new system, inspired by one of Harry's christmas presents to me (you know, the one with the Orla Kiely bag).  She gave me three little blackboard hearts with a peg and magnet on the back.  I have hung this one in the kitchen, on the knife rack and pegged some sheets of scrap paper underneath.

I have a tendency to arrive at the supermarket and then berate myself for not having taken a list.  I then usually phone home to see what we need.  Yes, I know this is not domestic goddess behaviour.

So this is where my 'Out of...' heart comes in.  Throughout the week when I realise we're close to running out of something I'll put it on the list, and then when it is time to hit the shops I'll just grab the list.  I know this will only capture the essentials we're out of, but those items give me most headache when I come back and realise I've forgotten.  Obviously this system is in its infancy........I'll report back!

Any ideas for the other two hearts?

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, fresh start and all that.........

Wishing everyone who stops by here a Happy New Year, and thank you for still visiting this little space that I am guilty of neglecting. 

I had a nasty case of flu in the run up to Christmas and am only just myself again.  I seem to have spent most of the festive period eating clementines on the sofa and watching Star Wars films with the children.   And so of course I have missed the usual festive blog posts etc, but am sure nobody is interested in my snowflake biscuits or Yoyo's angel that looks like the Peter Kay character in Phoenix nights.  You are?  Okay I'll show you just the angel.

Uncanny isn't it? Perhaps it's just me....but it did bring a smile to my face whilst stuck on the sofa watching Star Wars.  But I shall move on.....time to focus on the year ahead.

So what is in store this year Chez Whoops-a-daisy?  I won't go as far as calling them resolutions....just plans.  They feel more achievable that way.

1.  By this time next year I really will have cracked how to use the Queen of Clean's camera.  Before I take a picture I can often be heard calling (he would call it shrieking) for the poor man to come and check the settings and get advice....and am sure he is a little bored of explaining the same thing again and again.  So I will take part in the 365 project this year and take a picture every day.  Not sure yet if I'll post them here, still deciding.

2. We will sort out the bathroom and cloakroom this year.  This was on our list for last year, but the boiler and some double glazing took priority.  These rooms are really are grim though and we need to work out a way of doing these on a budget.

3.  I won't neglect this space and will keep much more up to date with it.  Promise :)

4.  A personal one, but if I declare it here publically it may work.  I will stay off the diet coke.  It has been about 3 weeks now since I gave up.  And apart from a minor incident at a New Year's Eve  party I haven't touched a drop.   Sounds ridiculous but am really addicted to this stuff.....and feel quite relieved it is out of my life.

What are your plans for 2011?


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