Thursday, 6 January 2011

Because I'm no good with shopping lists

This is my new system, inspired by one of Harry's christmas presents to me (you know, the one with the Orla Kiely bag).  She gave me three little blackboard hearts with a peg and magnet on the back.  I have hung this one in the kitchen, on the knife rack and pegged some sheets of scrap paper underneath.

I have a tendency to arrive at the supermarket and then berate myself for not having taken a list.  I then usually phone home to see what we need.  Yes, I know this is not domestic goddess behaviour.

So this is where my 'Out of...' heart comes in.  Throughout the week when I realise we're close to running out of something I'll put it on the list, and then when it is time to hit the shops I'll just grab the list.  I know this will only capture the essentials we're out of, but those items give me most headache when I come back and realise I've forgotten.  Obviously this system is in its infancy........I'll report back!

Any ideas for the other two hearts?


  1. Do you have a radiator in the hall it would stick to?
    Id find it useful to have one there, with the scrap paper for the kids to do their own little lists, but for school stuff which they need everyday, so my kids would be;
    Bread roll money
    Water Bottle
    Show and tell
    Book bag....

    I hate it when youre driving to school and you get 'OH MUMMY, YOU forgot my...!'delete as apporpriate! Im trying to get them to take responsibility for gathering their own bits and pieces in the morning as there are just SO many to think of!
    Love Kirsty xxx

  2. That sounds like a sensible suggestion. Keeping track of gloves seems an impossible task here!

    I do have an incredibly narrow hall and my only concern is they'd be constantly knocked off as we brush past though.

  3. Ah bugger, yep, thats annoying!
    Maybe put them up in the playroom and each little ones weekly 'masterpiece' could hang from them?x



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