Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, fresh start and all that.........

Wishing everyone who stops by here a Happy New Year, and thank you for still visiting this little space that I am guilty of neglecting. 

I had a nasty case of flu in the run up to Christmas and am only just myself again.  I seem to have spent most of the festive period eating clementines on the sofa and watching Star Wars films with the children.   And so of course I have missed the usual festive blog posts etc, but am sure nobody is interested in my snowflake biscuits or Yoyo's angel that looks like the Peter Kay character in Phoenix nights.  You are?  Okay I'll show you just the angel.

Uncanny isn't it? Perhaps it's just me....but it did bring a smile to my face whilst stuck on the sofa watching Star Wars.  But I shall move on.....time to focus on the year ahead.

So what is in store this year Chez Whoops-a-daisy?  I won't go as far as calling them resolutions....just plans.  They feel more achievable that way.

1.  By this time next year I really will have cracked how to use the Queen of Clean's camera.  Before I take a picture I can often be heard calling (he would call it shrieking) for the poor man to come and check the settings and get advice....and am sure he is a little bored of explaining the same thing again and again.  So I will take part in the 365 project this year and take a picture every day.  Not sure yet if I'll post them here, still deciding.

2. We will sort out the bathroom and cloakroom this year.  This was on our list for last year, but the boiler and some double glazing took priority.  These rooms are really are grim though and we need to work out a way of doing these on a budget.

3.  I won't neglect this space and will keep much more up to date with it.  Promise :)

4.  A personal one, but if I declare it here publically it may work.  I will stay off the diet coke.  It has been about 3 weeks now since I gave up.  And apart from a minor incident at a New Year's Eve  party I haven't touched a drop.   Sounds ridiculous but am really addicted to this stuff.....and feel quite relieved it is out of my life.

What are your plans for 2011?


  1. Happy New Year to you all. I've not made any resolutions, just want to really enjoy being (if that makes sense). Hoping the mister here has resolved to finish painting the stairs!

  2. My resolutions? Drink and eat more, excercise less! Not really, I'm hitting 40 soon so want to be a goddess by then (three weeks should be enough?)
    Happy New Year!

  3. LTC - Oh an unfinished project (particularly someone elses) is most frustrating isn't it? We have lots round here - in fact I had to crop the unpainted part of the kitchen wall out of my picture has been like that for 6 weeks or so. I hope you get your finished stairs soon!

    Natasha - your resolutions sound most sensible, in fact they have often featured on my list (although never seem to get very far so I'm wondering if their absence will do the trick this year.....psychological mind games and all that). Happy New Year and happy 40th for 3 weeks time! (would put you at 35).

  4. Every single member of my family and most of my friends back at home have had the same flu you've had.. seems it's been a REALLY bad year for you guys..
    Glad you're feeling better..
    Jo xx
    Very brave to go for a 365.
    I for one would love to see them, and I would ask..
    If you take a photo and you DON'T post it here.. then did it really happen ?? ;o)

  5. Jo you are most perceptive on the 365 project....there is a real risk that it may not happen if I don't post them here!

    My indecision is around posting lots of pics of my children and husband on I very much want the focus of the project to be about them, and whilst I do post some pics of them here...I'm not sure how comfortable I am about lots more. We shall see!

  6. I am LOVING the christmas decoration! I think you could sell this idea...Festive Phoenix Nights...there could be a whole range...



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