Monday, 20 December 2010


Things are sometimes a bit black and white for me.  I’m trying to get a bit more grey into my life.  To know that being somewhere between all or nothing is okay.  Let me give you an example, I remember reading years ago that you should put 10% of your take home pay into savings.  Although achievable this has always felt quite a sizeable sum, and with my growing brood and our mortgage commitments it really hasn’t been possible every month.  So instead of putting away what I could afford I have abandoned it.  Which is really rather short-sighted.

The same principle applies to lots of things for me (diets......I won’t bore with you the tedious details), finding time to read books that I want to (I know I’ll get interrupted so don’t start for fear of not being able to finish the book), starting craft projects (again thinking they won’t be perfect or good enough so why start?).  The list goes on and on.

But on this journey to a more simple, considered way of approaching things I’m embracing enough.  It is okay for something to be good enough.  The money I can save, the time I can spend on something, the quality of an explanation I’m giving in a work email, the help I can give with my eldest’s homework,  the decluttering I can achieve on the playroom shelves (evidence in the picture above!)

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be meaningful.  Doing something is better than nothing at all. 

Grey, welcome aboard.

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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Vintage Bricks

Firstly, apologies posting is rather sporadic to say the least at the mo.  I'm trying to slow down and simplify and sadly this little space in cyberworld is the first thing I have to drop when things get a bit hectic.

But I had to pop on and show you this little gem I uncovered at the school Christmas Bazaar last weekend.  In amongst the mountain of plastic toys and dog-eared books at the toy stall I found this.

And my heart skipped a beat.

Little building bricks (I think from the late 40's as the lid says 'Made in the U.S Zone of Germany'.  Anyone know the significance of this?), all printed with designs and packed into this little wooden box.

At first I thought it would just be me who was smitten, but Yoyo has been found playing with them a couple of times this week.  That's my girl.  (Although to be fair she was spied shortly afterwards coveting JLS dolls on the internet - I won't lie to you!)

Just look at that lid - with the little 'stanley' dog.  Looks like something Cath Kidston would reproduce and charge £20 for.  But I paid 50p.   And it was the best 50p I spent last week.


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