Friday, 26 February 2010

This moment - My Trio

{this moment}

A photo project by Soulemama (if you haven't ever read this blog - my goodness, well you are missing a huge delight!).  A single photo, no words - capturing a moment from the week.  A simple, special, extraordinary moment, a moment that makes you want to pause, savour and remember.

So here is mine - I went searching upstairs with my camera, and here they were.  My trio.  Playing together.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


After my snowdrops post my Mum sent me this victorian teacup (along with a Shepherd's Pie she had cooked). 

And I thought long and hard about digging those snowdrops up, with a little moss to cover the dirt on top.

But I resisted......and came up with this compromise.

Thanks Mum, those snowdrops and cup have truly made me smile when I most needed it today :o)

Monday, 22 February 2010

Trying hard

I am trying very hard at the moment to keep up with everything.

Hence the contents of my bag latest find that I desperately want to read but just don't find the time.  Oh the irony.

So I am still here, but just not managing to post as frequently for a little while.

Just until I've read this book..........then it will all be hunky dory. 

Friday, 19 February 2010

Half term desperation

I have officially run out of half term activity now resorting to using plaque disclosing tablets as entertainment.

Yoyo and my eldest think they look like blue monsters, I am appalled by how badly they are currently brushing their teeth.  Perhaps Shortcut Susie orginally instructed them.....I can't recall.

No pictures, you really wouldn't want to see them!  Although I did debate showing you this image with my bathroom.  What can I's on the 'To do' list.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Amongst the bedlam of my garden, I found these yesterday, nestled in amongst the Ivy that has taken over my flowerbeds.

I have been fighting an internal battle since then to dig them up and bring them inside.  Perhaps in a pretty vintage teacup?  Except I don't have a pretty vintage teacup..........

 Must. Not. Do. It.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Pretty poor show isn't it?  Not very 'shoestring' or 'earth mother'.

I think it's fairly obvious to regular readers that I'm neither of these!

But do you know what?  Ready made Pancake Batter is what is working for me today.  I have my children here at home, eager for a day of fun with their Mum (well at least I hope they are, perhaps 'looking foward to' is a better description) and quite frankly I'd rather be playing a board game or snuggling them whilst watching a DVD, than fretting over my batter's consistency.

There is so much pressure nowadays (admittedly most of it we put on ourselves), of what we ought to or should be doing.  And sometimes its easy to forget that you need to make life work for you and your family, you don't need to be held accountable for decisions that won't impact anyone outside of this.

So, I'm off to do some more of this..........

Monday, 15 February 2010

Impulse buy

This little orchid is a new addition to the household.  I picked it up yesterday at I love that shop.

We stopped en route to a family lunch and picked up the usual suspects; wine glasses, light bulbs, freezer bags (not sure why, but there is always something you didn't mean to get in Ikea isn't there?).  We also got a cute little light for Yoyo's room like this one.

And I couldn't resist this orchid.  So sweet and perfect, and I knew it would fit just so in this white square pot I have.  I had to process all of these thoughts in about 10 seconds as we were running late and causing a wave of chaos through Ikea's marketplace. 

But I made the right decision, this impulse buy was worth it.  Just have to keep it alive now.....

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Favourite tin

Isn't it lovely?  From M&S at Christmas (probably still available now if you love it as much as I do!), just £5, complete with biscuits for cheese. 

I have a thing about tins, but sadly no imagination of what to put inside them.

So they kind of get left waiting quietly in the cupboard......just anticipating their contents.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Cowboys, monsters and bunting

It's been a while, but here are my three beautiful things, inspired by one of my regular blog reads here, do check out the link if you haven't seen it's about finding the beauty in all of the everyday moments.

1.  Losing myself for a moment in the arrangement of these cowboys and indians on the fireplace - given to me along with many others by a friend.  For the children of course, but I can't help having a play......

2.  My eldest announces my handbag looks like a monster's face....I see it immediately (do you?) and we giggle.

3.  I spend my spare moments dreaming how this playhouse in our garden will look this is rather neglected.  My head is full of bunting, window boxes and the like.....I think the planning will be more exciting than the doing.  Am sure the Queen of Clean will be happy to play a big part in the renovations!

Hope you manage to find some beauty today..........

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lego moments


Littlest one is still impressed with his Lego haul he had for his birthday.  He plays with it to the exclusion of everything else. 

I love watching these moments and hearing the imaginary dialogue.  I am allowed to be a spectator only if I agree to rebuild new models as soon as he tires of them.......thank heavens for Lego publishing all their instructions online in PDF format.  

Clever folks.

Sunday, 7 February 2010


This image is by one of my Flickr contacts, who has a lovely blog here.  It is also available as a print in her etsy shop here

You know when a picture really resonates with you?  It rarely happens with me that I am really moved by something, but I just adore this image.  I have been pondering why, and I realise that the word 'alright' is what's drawing me to this.  Undoubtedly the polka dots are playing their part too....

'Alright' is used a lot in our family.  My Mum has a stock comforting phrase that she used on me as a child, and now with her grandchildren of 'It's all alright'.  I've highlighted the second 'al' so you can hear the emphasis she uses!

I've inherited this from her and often use it as my 'one size fits all...can't think what to say, but need to keep calm myself and appear to be in control......comforting statement'. 

We've all got one right?

I have fond memories (well fond now that 10 years have past!) of the Queen of Clean trying to comfort me whilst in labour by repeating 'It's alright' to me over and over again.  I replied firmly at the time that no, it wasn't alright.  But I can smile about that now........

Do you like this image? What would your word be?

Slowly easing back to normal


Phew...what a relief.  Things are slowly (touch wood) back to normal.  I can tell you a sickness bug and a family of five.......well it's a case of letting it work its way round. 

Now thankfully everyone has 'had their turn' I must give my thanks to:-
  • Fantastic employers who let me work from home 
  • The Queen of Clean who took a day off so I could go into work
  • My parents who also stepped in on Friday on a 'just in case basis'
  • Stephanie Meyer for writing 'Twilight', turning me into a lovestruck teenager and taking my mind off things during the entire sickness epsiode.
  • My best friend Harry, for introducing me to Twilight.
  • And most importantly my 'patients' for being so brave.
I have missed this space and have only had a moment now and again to keep up with all the other lovely blogs I read.  Here's to a fresh start next week.............

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The aftermath

Last night Yoyo was sick.

So through the night and during this morning I came to know my washing machine intimately.  And it's not a relationship I'm keen on developing (my top secret that you may already know from here is that my Mother-in-Law currently does most of my washing).

Every door is now covered in her numerous rugs, sheets, quilts recovering from their ordeal.

And I can't help thinking one child down....two to go.  So things may be quiet around here for a few days.......


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