Sunday, 7 February 2010

Slowly easing back to normal


Phew...what a relief.  Things are slowly (touch wood) back to normal.  I can tell you a sickness bug and a family of five.......well it's a case of letting it work its way round. 

Now thankfully everyone has 'had their turn' I must give my thanks to:-
  • Fantastic employers who let me work from home 
  • The Queen of Clean who took a day off so I could go into work
  • My parents who also stepped in on Friday on a 'just in case basis'
  • Stephanie Meyer for writing 'Twilight', turning me into a lovestruck teenager and taking my mind off things during the entire sickness epsiode.
  • My best friend Harry, for introducing me to Twilight.
  • And most importantly my 'patients' for being so brave.
I have missed this space and have only had a moment now and again to keep up with all the other lovely blogs I read.  Here's to a fresh start next week.............


  1. Glad you are on the mend. And that you've undergone the Twilight conversion...what on earth did I daydream about before?!

  2. So glad you've come out the other side and are all better.

    I've never read Twilight and probably never will but I'm glad you found something you love. So important isn't it the ability to daydream!

  3. I love Twilight.. I am looking forward to the new film out this year. I am a little too obsessed if you ask me! :) x

  4. Twilight DVD has arrived in the post I am now officially obsessed. I usually *never* buy DVDs!



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