Monday, 15 February 2010

Impulse buy

This little orchid is a new addition to the household.  I picked it up yesterday at I love that shop.

We stopped en route to a family lunch and picked up the usual suspects; wine glasses, light bulbs, freezer bags (not sure why, but there is always something you didn't mean to get in Ikea isn't there?).  We also got a cute little light for Yoyo's room like this one.

And I couldn't resist this orchid.  So sweet and perfect, and I knew it would fit just so in this white square pot I have.  I had to process all of these thoughts in about 10 seconds as we were running late and causing a wave of chaos through Ikea's marketplace. 

But I made the right decision, this impulse buy was worth it.  Just have to keep it alive now.....


  1. I've been thinking about getting that little lamp for my kitchen. What color did you get? Do you like it?

  2. Hi :) - I got the green as shown in the link. I do like it, but wish the glass was a bit more opaque so you didn't see the bulb. It does throw some great shadows the way it is though.

    Good price too so worth the risk I think.

  3. lol oh oh oh how I can relate to the "just need to keep it alive" far though I'm doing well, hope you are too! :) And yes, there is something about orchids!



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