Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Pretty poor show isn't it?  Not very 'shoestring' or 'earth mother'.

I think it's fairly obvious to regular readers that I'm neither of these!

But do you know what?  Ready made Pancake Batter is what is working for me today.  I have my children here at home, eager for a day of fun with their Mum (well at least I hope they are, perhaps 'looking foward to' is a better description) and quite frankly I'd rather be playing a board game or snuggling them whilst watching a DVD, than fretting over my batter's consistency.

There is so much pressure nowadays (admittedly most of it we put on ourselves), of what we ought to or should be doing.  And sometimes its easy to forget that you need to make life work for you and your family, you don't need to be held accountable for decisions that won't impact anyone outside of this.

So, I'm off to do some more of this..........


  1. I love your fruit 'basket' / bowl!

  2. Thanks - actually it's a cake stand, but I *really* don't need cakes in the house so am repurposing!

  3. Where did you find that? It really is gorgeous!

  4. Sorry meant to say, if I can do anything to help you with the crochet kit, just say....

  5. It's from Laura Ashley 2 years ago - here it is in all it's two tiered glory on this post. Sorry can't work out how to link in a comment!!


    They may not do this one but they usually have an enamel cake stand of some sort - I bought one for a colleagues' leaving do last year. Or search Ebay?

    Thanks for the crochet offer - just need to find some time to 'crack it' I think!!!

  6. OOhh thank you! Off to try and find one!



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