Friday, 28 May 2010

New Shoes

Hurrah for new shoes!  Much more comfortable than my last green pair, and just as smile inducing.

Boo Hiss to the clover, dandelions and other weeds that make up 80% of my lawn.  Don't mind the daisies - they can stay.

And on a final and completely unrelated point, my littlest one is making me smile this afternoon by mispronouncing is manilla apparently.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A garden bore?

I am at risk of becoming a garden bore.

The symptoms are as follows:-
  • Clutching a copy of Alys Fowler's 'Edible Garden' wherever I go around the house.
  • Skiving off maternal duties to grab 5 mins to read above it's some sort of guilty pleasure.
  • Stolen moments thinking of my garden and my next move - be it hoeing, planting, watering........ throughout the day.
  • Luring the children to the garden centre after school with the promise of Pick n' Mix (even that no longer seems to be working - they are bored)
In short, I can think of little else.  Progress on the house has come to an abrupt halt.  In fact seeds and compost are literally spilt over all my windowsills. Even the Queen of Clean has admitted defeat and joined in......and turned a blind eye to the housework to keep me company.

So here we are....I feel the need to share.  As you can see it is nothing magnificient, but it is my little corner of the universe.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

My garden in May...........

I'm rather obsessed with the garden at the moment, and thought I'd use this space to capture each month in my little patch.  This little montage of photos has no rhyme or reason - simply things that caught my eye today whilst mooching around the garden..........

.........this Bleeding Heart in white, didn't realise this colourway even existed.  Just adore these perfect little white hearts, and I'm told they don't mind being planted in the shade (fingers crossed!)

.......some more shade loving hostas and ferns.  No slug damage yet, but note my over zealous application of the blue slug pellets. blossom that seems to be disappearing as quickly as it has arrived.

......this mystery plant that I certainly didn't plan for or have last year.  I recognise it from Sarah Raven's Cutting Garden book, think it is a Cerinthe?  Obviously travelled here by seed, and it is of course most welcome.  Love the almost silver/purple foliage.

.......the veg patch coming along slowly but surely.  Including these little radishes below...........

And in this recent garden obsession I have discovered lots of lovely new blogs - my absolute favourite which I must share with you is Carrots & Kids.  I spent a blissful afternoon reading through these archives, if you are into gardening do check it out.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Things that have happened since I last posted..........

I have turned 33.

I have driven on my own for the first time ever on a motorway.  (M1, then M6).  I am beyond proud.

These hosta in my garden have made an appearance.  Every year I think I've lost them, and every year at the last minute they appear.  Like reliable friends.  I think my excitement at their appearance is probably considered excessive by the rest of my even dragging unsuspecting visitors out to inspect these new arrivals.


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