Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A garden bore?

I am at risk of becoming a garden bore.

The symptoms are as follows:-
  • Clutching a copy of Alys Fowler's 'Edible Garden' wherever I go around the house.
  • Skiving off maternal duties to grab 5 mins to read above book..........like it's some sort of guilty pleasure.
  • Stolen moments thinking of my garden and my next move - be it hoeing, planting, watering........ throughout the day.
  • Luring the children to the garden centre after school with the promise of Pick n' Mix (even that no longer seems to be working - they are bored)
In short, I can think of little else.  Progress on the house has come to an abrupt halt.  In fact seeds and compost are literally spilt over all my windowsills. Even the Queen of Clean has admitted defeat and joined in......and turned a blind eye to the housework to keep me company.

So here we are....I feel the need to share.  As you can see it is nothing magnificient, but it is my little corner of the universe.


  1. It's looking great. I've been similarly garden focused lately (I keep re-playing the Edible Garden on the telly), not that there's much evidence of progress. Housework? Remind me, what's that?

  2. Thanks - glad there are other edible garden fans out there.

    Housework - really need to find my mojo on that front.



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