Friday, 28 May 2010

New Shoes

Hurrah for new shoes!  Much more comfortable than my last green pair, and just as smile inducing.

Boo Hiss to the clover, dandelions and other weeds that make up 80% of my lawn.  Don't mind the daisies - they can stay.

And on a final and completely unrelated point, my littlest one is making me smile this afternoon by mispronouncing is manilla apparently.


  1. Now those are funky shoes!

  2. I love those funky shoes. What a great color! I want a pair too.

  3. Aw...we had a mispronouncer of vanilla for years! She used to say vamilla and when we'd say "no, its vaNilla...N...N...", she'd say "N...N...Namilla"!!



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