Friday, 11 June 2010

Love in a mist

We have just returned from a weeks holiday in Centerparcs, Elveden Forest.  I truly wish I had some photos to show you (after all the Queen of Clean was with me and he can take a decent shot), but despite taking the camera, due to a technical difficulty (I won't bore you with details) the camera battery went flat.  So no pictures of the little goslings and moorhen chicks that stalked our patio, or the squirrels that systematically raided our bike trailer every night for leftover snacks.

So we return, having had much fun as a fivesome, but not well rested.  Probably overdid it with the activites.....and my online banking confirms this for me when I checked tmy balance this afternoon.  Could have been a mistake to keep littlest one up for 'night swimming' until 9pm at night for the last two evenings - he is exhausted and a little irritable.

And yes I know I am naughty taking the kids out of school during term time (I should add here that I did have permission from both schools.........not sure why I'm feeling the need to justify, but there you have it).

So on to the picture above.  Obviously I missed the garden hugely during my time away and some kind neighbours looked after things whilst we were gone.  These love in a mist flowers are my favourite thing at the moment and the more you cut them, the more they flower. So I shall keep a jam jar of these little beauties on my kitchen windowsill for as long as possible.

They come from this patch in the garden here.............(which incidentally appeared from nowhere, I didn't plant them so they have self sown from a neighbouring garden).


Unfortunately this also seems to be Martha the kittens' favourite playing spot and she loves diving in to this feathery mass and breaking the stems.  Not sure how much more kitty abuse they will stand.

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