Wednesday, 30 June 2010

This morning

Everything feels like it's been cranked up a level recently.  We all seem to be rushing from one thing to another...a combination of new schools, associated meetings, end of term activities, orthodondist appointments, school fetes, you get the picture.  It can all get a bit...well 'too much'.

I'm not the most organised of individuals so all this dashing around adds an element of stress to the Whoops-a-daisy household.  And this morning was no exception.  It went something like this:-
  • Eldest could not find only pair of school trousers that fit him.  Cue me looking everywhere (even in the garden)
  • No hot water for shower due to our rubbish boiler
  • Find trousers in tumble dryer (completely random as I didn't put them in there)
  • Go to make pack lunches - no ham left, have to subsitute with marmite
  • Search desperately for £5 (and form, and envelope) for Eldests school disco
  • Realise I need to let neighbours chickens out
  • Eldest now complains he has no socks
  • Littlest one still asleep....yikes (!)........ need to get him out the house in half an hour
  • Lost Yoyo's book bag - find it under sofa
  • Eldest's taxi arrives (chaperone checks where he is to be dropped off - it is completely different address tonight and I would have sent him to an empty house if she hadn't have checked).  Guilty mother feelings kick in.
  • Littlest one still asleep.
  • My hair looks rubbish and no time to sort out due to time and no hot water.
  • Still haven't fed chickens.  Guilty chicken sitter feelings kick in.
  • Littlest one still asleep.....and he can be very grumpy if you wake him.
  • Yoyo inspects packed lunch and rejects marmite sandwich.  I get cross.
  • Littlest one wakes and refuses to wear shorts I give him.  I get stressed.  Guilty mother feelings kick in.
  • Phone call from work just as we leave house.  A visitor has arrived 1 hour early and is expecting to be let in.......wish I had some of his time management abilities.  Resolve over phone.
  • Yoyo has written me a note saying 'Dear Anna, I hope you feel better soon'.  Think she is refering to my stress.
  • Chickens sorted
  • Run back in house as forgotten book bag.
  • Run back in house again as forgotten Yoyo's water bottle.
  • Drive to school and realise haven't applied suncream to kids.  Guilty mother feelings kick in.
So this is fairly typical nowadays and I need to get some strategies in place to make the whole thing run smoother.  Typing all that out makes me realise why I find it stressful. 

But tonight when all is calm, and my Yoyo came downstairs to get a drink and give me that gappy smile, I could suddenly look back on this mornings events and find them amusing.  Because as you can see from the picture even if I am stressed.............I don't think its rubbed off on her.


  1. I totally get that. Today my two are getting ready to go out the door and I know they have ketchup stains on their tops, but we're not stopping now! A quick rub should fade it a bit. Must get rubbing.

  2. I bet just seeing one of those lovely dimpled smiles makes all of that stress evaporate. (That was quite a start to the day, though!).

  3. Thanks both :)

    S&W - hurrah for another Mum with offspring clad in ketchup stains! Thanks for your honesty.

    LTC - yes her dimpled smiles really are quite the tonic! And sadly the events of that morning are not unusual.



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