Saturday, 12 June 2010

Littlest one and the digging

It all started calmly with a purple plastic spade and a flowerbed.  I was laid back Mum, enjoying my spot in the sunshine after hanging out the umpteenth load of post holiday washing.

Then I noticed the mound of soil on the grass getting bigger...... Now, I'm not precious about mud on the lawn I promise, but I was thinking if this enthusiasm for digging continues in its current vein.........well I'll have a mountain of the stuff to deal with I don't nip this in the bud.

And so I. told. him. off.  Yes, a shock to those who know me in real life, I actually told one of my children off (I'm not good at the whole discipline thing).  I asked him if he could keep the mud with the other mud.  His reaction?  Well he sat there huddled in a ball and it could have gone badly......

.......but Rose (my other kitten) saved the day with her remarkable skills of distraction, i.e. she walked past.  Phew.


  1. This kitty sure has the most remarkable tail :) A beauty!

  2. Thanks Frau Mayer - both my kittens (well cats now) have exceptionally long tails. Not sure what that means in cat terms???......



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