Sunday, 19 February 2012

Corners of my home this morning

Some pictures from my home today.  Snowdrops from the garden in a jam jar - I always feel strangely guilty  bringing these indoors but they are just too pretty to leave outside.

A canvas picture that littlest one painted over the summer which has finally made its way onto the wall.

Cosy blankets and cushions which never seem to stay where they belong in the living room.  I bought this owl from a little shop in Great Missenden at Christmas time.

And I will update you on the bathroom soon I assure you.  We are one coat of 'Rock Candy 1' to go on the bookcase!  It will be worth the wait I promise.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Budget bathroom makeover - the before shots

I cannot wait to show you what we've done with this room on a tiny budget.  Honestly, this little room was so horrific I had kind of blanked it out.  If I had to use one word to describe it's previous state it would have been 'unloved'.  We lived with it like this for about 3 years.

Noteworthy (in my opinion) are:

  • the tiles that we started chipping off the wall when we first moved in and then abandoned due to lack of funds to replace
  • the gap showing the delightful chipboard floor between the wall and where the lino stopped - used to be some rotten boxing there covering the pipes
  • the mahogany loo seat....very 1980's
  • the lack of bath panel - no idea why we thought we were better off without it.
  • the placement of loo roll - how delightful.  No holder.  Am sure that floor was a pretty regular holding spot.
But wait.  It gets better!  View from the other side........

No shower attachment meant that we got to use a red food jug (on the cabinet) to rinse our hair when washing.  And we almost have a 'feature wall' of chipped tile.  Such a lovely view to ponder whilst having a soak.

So this weekend I promise I will update with progress.  What we have achieved on a budget of £500 and many weekends of hard work. The Queen of Clean has excelled himself this time.


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