Sunday, 19 February 2012

Corners of my home this morning

Some pictures from my home today.  Snowdrops from the garden in a jam jar - I always feel strangely guilty  bringing these indoors but they are just too pretty to leave outside.

A canvas picture that littlest one painted over the summer which has finally made its way onto the wall.

Cosy blankets and cushions which never seem to stay where they belong in the living room.  I bought this owl from a little shop in Great Missenden at Christmas time.

And I will update you on the bathroom soon I assure you.  We are one coat of 'Rock Candy 1' to go on the bookcase!  It will be worth the wait I promise.


  1. I love the owl! Do you mind me asking what the shop was called, my Mum up the road from Gt Missenden and I may send her searching :)

  2. Hi Laura

    Oh yikes I can't remember the name. It was on the high street with displays outside even though it was December - so it had more pavement space than usual. Perhaps that will help narrow down?

    It was a bargain £14, which I think the handmade vibe was good value. I was there on a Christmas work do and made the entire team walk back past the shop to await my purchase they were not impressed!

    Anna x



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