Monday, 5 July 2010

The Godsister

The Queen of Clean and I became Godparents yesterday to my friends little Lottie.

Yoyo, having  badgered us for a sister for a couple of years (and to no avail), announced that she would be Godsister.

Of all the pictures taken yesterday, the above is my favourite, taken by my eldest and only discovered when uploaded onto the PC.  Our God daughters biggest brother (and one of Yoyo's best friends) looking the wrong way during the sermon.  Just brilliant.  May I just add we are not regular churchgoers - so along with his usual challenges our eldest had no idea that clicking pictures throughout the service wasn't really the done thing!

And here is Yoyo and her Godsister.  Who will more than make up for her overstock of brothers.

And as godmother (or fairy godmother as I have been nicknamed) what gift did I bestow upon this little girl?

Look away now if you are easily tempted/love crochet/know any little girls/have a fairytale fetish and don't want to part with your money.

Don't say I didn't warn you.  A princess and the pea playset. I won't share where or how much for your own financial safety.


  1. Eldest is definitely showing early camera skills. (I've been trying to think of a caption to go with that photograph, it's brilliant). I'm sure Lottie feels very lucky to have such a gorgeously smiley Godsister and as for your gift.........oh, I soooooo want one.

  2. Sarah Said...
    Fairy Godmother, I've finally found your blog! Gorgeous pic's. Great of Ben, just wondering weather that was taken before or after he told the Reverend he was bored! Have 2 lovely photos of the 'God sister' before the dress disaster. Bet that's not been mentioned on here!!!!!

  3. Sarah - dresses held together with safety pins (albeit a monsoon dress) simply do not feature in this carefully edited version of my life!

    Sorry will get other pics across to you asap.


  4. If you become my godmother do I get such a nice gift ;)

    Yoyo's face is pure bliss. Are you sure you don't want to give her a sister ;)



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