Sunday, 11 July 2010

In my garden this weekend...

.....I wish I had spent more time lying on this blanket.  Instead it lay there mocking me whilst I ran around applying suntan cream to little bodies, making food and hanging washing.

I spent lots of time inspecting my little patch - we have eaten two cucumbers (am sure my excitement levels around this are abnormal), dug all our potatoes, harvested some carrots and courgettes.

 Again - I would have liked to have spent more time sitting under this parasol, but maternal duties called.

I made the Queen of Clean look at these sweet peas on more than one occasion exclaiming like a proud child 'Do you know I grew these myself?'.  He wasn't overly impressed.

Hopefully one of you will 'get' it.


  1. Oh how lovely! Yes, I totally get it! xx

  2. Oh I so get it. We had some strawberries from the garden on Saturday. Well, when I say "some" I mean three but they were a first. Along with some baby salad leaves (which I had to supplement with bought spinach to serve). Spotted a teeny weeny courgette, too, but decided to leave it to put on a bit of weight.

  3. I had that blanket and loved it! Someone else didn't and threw it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Snap on the blanket. Expect to see that in my garden pics this summer as well. Husbands are never impressed with our gardening expertise. Luckily the kids think it's fantastic!

  5. Good old Ikea eh? That blanket orignally was our sofa through but having been completely trashed is now garden worthy material only!

  6. I get it! I'm not even the main gardener in our house (my main contribution is encouragement) but I get incredibly excited about all of our veggies!



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