Tuesday, 29 December 2009

These shoes inspired my first ever blog post here.

I can still remember their arrival and my excitement....and taking this picture.

But the truth is I can't wear them.  They are just too uncomfortable.  There have been 2 occassions were they have made it out of the wardrobe.  Their first outing was at work, and my colleagues promptly placed bets on how long I would last in them.  I think I even made other people go to the printer for me as I was in so much agony.  I made it until 1pm and then switched into my faithful ballet pumps.

The second time was a friend's birthday meal.  When the waiter announced we would have to wait another 20 mins for our table I almost cried.  The Queen of Clean rescued me with a barstool.

So it's time to accept the inevitable and move on.  They will shortly be appearing on ebay.

I'm posting this as a reminder to myself that things I often want desperately, and think will complete my wardrobe/life etc etc (I'm sure we've all been there) usually don't live up to their promises.  So next time I will resist the calling of the coloured shoes...........


  1. I know....I am kind of torn. I won't deny it.

    Ebay is the way to go though I think...these shoes are just taunting me from their shelf at the wardrobe every time I open it.

  2. Oh dear :( A few months ago I sold some beautiful purple shoes that killed to walk in. I have just this second got home from the matalan sale after buying a purple dress for new years and you can imagine how angry with myself I am! I am angry even though I know wearing them would course me so much pain!!

  3. Hi Anna,
    here is a plan to help in the future. Put of copy of the photo of your beautiful shoes in your purse so whenever you are tempted to buy something of this nature again you will open your purse to pay for them and see the reminder of this experience. Hopefully that will deter you.

  4. Fab plan Colleen - will implement that straight away!



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