Sunday, 27 December 2009

Some random stuff I want to remember about this Christmas

And so another year passes, and I hope you had much fun in your celebrations.  I wanted to remember some of the things that stood out for me this year, so in no particular order........

  • Our sofa collapses during 'Elf' on Christmas Eve.   We don't really care, due to feeling festive.  The Queen of Clean manages a hasty repair and all is well (ish).
  • The eldest and his cousin put on a quiz after Christmas lunch.....much chaos ensues organising teams, questions, scores, but they pull it off.
  • Yoyo asks me 'I've heard the word comprehension, but I don't know what it means'.  Oh, the irony.
  • I sit with my 94 year old Grandma and talk about how the games she used to play with me, I now share with the children.  We play one of them together which involves pretending Yoyo is a roast chicken and eating her.
  • The kittens spend much of the day chasing a GoGo Hamster around the house.
  • The Queen of Clean and I stay up to the small hours this morning with his parents, playing Mexican Train Dominoes.

  • Our eldest creates the scene above for his brother and sister on Christmas Eve with flour, a sieve and my wellington boots.

  •  My Dad creates this envelope to house his gift to my eldest - a magazine subscription.
  • The familiarity and warmth of the mismatched table setting at my parents, below.

  • My Aunt gives me some La Prairie cosmetics,  I cannot contain my excitement (but assure The Queen of Clean they will not become a regular feature in my beauty routine).
  • I receive yet more personal finance books, that I can't wait to read.
And that as they say, is that.


  1. It sounds like you had a magical Christmas. Happy New Year xx

  2. That is how Christmas is supposed to be. The wonderful little things that don't cost a dime. Beautiful! Glad you helped me find your site.



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