Friday, 18 December 2009

The white stuff



Lots of fun this morning - for about 10 minutes or so! I went out to capture the moments with my camera phone and some gold ballet pumps.  About 2 snaps later and with frozen toes, I came back inside and the Queen of Clean took over with the 'proper' camera. 

And he caught these moments.


  1. So cute, we got a sprinkle this morning too, caused havoc all day!

  2. lucky! we haven't got any snow yet. just rain and a cold spell. your photos perfectly capture your happy moments!

  3. You definitely had more than us. The sledge is coming out today!

  4. Thanks for your comments all.

    Novelty has worn off now - I have to be Chauffeur in a moment for the eldest one and drive him to a party in another town. Not looking forward to it.

    Be careful what you wish for on the snow front!



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