Thursday, 17 December 2009

Gordon Ramsay

Last Friday morning didn't start well.  My eldest announced he had to take a Chef's outfit in that day for his starring role of Gordon Ramsay in the school play.  Things is (bless him), he hadn't given me any notice that a costume was required.

Now I know as a responsible mother I probably should have investigated this further when the lines came home to rehearse.  But I already had a present costume (Yoyo) and a Star (Littlest One) to sort out.  And my eldest is 10, and I thought perhaps he may have mentioned it earlier.

So back to Friday morning. know those moments where you want to scream, but know actually that would be of no help whatsoever.  It was one of those moments.  I had to play brave, capable Mummy who would resolve situation easily.  I smiled, told him not to worry and assured him I would phone the school and sort it out.

There was lots of frantic searching on the internet that day, I had most of the HR team on it at one point (!), and eventually the Chef's hat above was located.  £4 - result!  A friend lent me a stripey blue apron and the problem was solved.

And he made a fabulous Gordon Ramsay (there was lots of 'bleeping' as you can imagine, but it made everyone laugh!)

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  1. Ack! The stress of the Christmas play. It's amazing it always comes off so wonderfully. I spent most of last week and half of this week sewing costumes for school where I work. He sounds like he was a wonderful chef.



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