Monday, 14 December 2009


 Must stop blog-hopping.

Must write christmas cards.

My poor friend Harry - tonight I have used her as a human address book.  Managed to condense my endless queries to two phone calls.  I'm rubbish with postcodes and numbers and all that 'detail'. 

Love choosing a pretty card though.


  1. Those are beautiful cards! This year I was early with most cards, still have a few to send though!

  2. I blog hop too much..but at least it led me here! (via AT's email about The Cure Graduation then to your flickr page then your blog!)

    Pretty card!

  3. Sunny - glad you found your way here!

    FT - I actually kept one of those cards back and have framed it as I was just finding it to hard to write the last one.



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