Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Bay Tree House

These two bay trees arrived today.  They are a Christmas present that I didn't get round to ordering before Christmas Eve, hence their late arrival.  I need to organise pots, but they look quite sweet with the hessian and gingham ribbon for the moment, don't they?

Our house is actually officially Bay Tree House, but when we moved here 18 months ago we didn't have any bay trees (couldn't afford them!) and so we took the sign down as we thought it looked a bit odd.  But now we have the trees I am regretting taking the sign down. 

It wasn't a great sign to be honest, one of those cast iron ones that everyone had in the 80's.  But perhaps one in slate...........?  Yikes, just checked the price of those.  We will stay as plain old No.9!  Who wants a house with a name anyhow?

As you can see the front door needs painting, I am thinking of a heritage pale green colour.  I also want to change the knocker and letterbox to silver.

And in case anyone is interested the trees were purchased from here.


  1. Lovely and sure they will look even better when you have them in pots! Maybe save up for the sign!

  2. I'm quite late to the party, and don't know if a) you've already painted the door and b) even read here anymore, ever.

    But how about a nice, rich dark blue for the door? Would make a nice contrast to both the wall and any green plants growing around it, like the ivy creeping around the corner there, instead of repeating their colour.

  3. Hi Judith - thanks for your comment. Still not got around to painting the door - but I think you are right, blue may be nice. One day, when by some miracle I find the time!



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