Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone who has stopped by my little space in the blog world in the past few months, a Happy New Year. 

Thank you for visiting and leaving comments and I look forward to carrying on this journey in 2010.

I have a night ahead of me with good friends and a game of poker.....enjoy your celebrations whatever they may be.


  1. Unfortunately, my New Year's involved yucky stomach flu so we have saved the champagne for tonight instead. I hope you won big last night!

  2. Love your 'evidence photos'! Happy New Year! x

  3. @ Skirts & Wellies - hope you are on the mend. No we didn't win big.....reverted to a game of dominos (how glam!) in the end. Was a good night though :)

    @ Shoestring Alley - glad you liked the photo :)



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