Sunday, 7 February 2010


This image is by one of my Flickr contacts, who has a lovely blog here.  It is also available as a print in her etsy shop here

You know when a picture really resonates with you?  It rarely happens with me that I am really moved by something, but I just adore this image.  I have been pondering why, and I realise that the word 'alright' is what's drawing me to this.  Undoubtedly the polka dots are playing their part too....

'Alright' is used a lot in our family.  My Mum has a stock comforting phrase that she used on me as a child, and now with her grandchildren of 'It's all alright'.  I've highlighted the second 'al' so you can hear the emphasis she uses!

I've inherited this from her and often use it as my 'one size fits all...can't think what to say, but need to keep calm myself and appear to be in control......comforting statement'. 

We've all got one right?

I have fond memories (well fond now that 10 years have past!) of the Queen of Clean trying to comfort me whilst in labour by repeating 'It's alright' to me over and over again.  I replied firmly at the time that no, it wasn't alright.  But I can smile about that now........

Do you like this image? What would your word be?

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