Tuesday, 15 September 2009

2 ways to make laundry more fun

1. Keep your washing powder in a container that makes you smile (inspired by the fabulous Chez Larsson)

2. Get your mother-in-law to do your washing.

I currently employ both tactics.


  1. Please send your mother in law to mine. Does she dry, iron and fold? Could she return clothes in a basket and then I can pretend I did it, or re-fold since I like folding freshly laundered (& ironed) clothing.

  2. Haha! I can't believe I admitted this.

    She doesn't iron, but she does dry and fold so there is no need to iron. Simply fabulous. She also manages to find pairs of socks where I am ready to throw the strays out....

    She also looks after littlest one here at home one day a week whilst she does this. And she manages to do a weeks worth of washing without it seeming to be any trouble at all.....I can only hope that one day I will grow up to have these abilities.



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