Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Our exploding television

About a year ago our television exploded. Well actually it kind of went 'ppppffff', but the kids would have you believe it was a lot more dramatic. For a long while we lived with a little TV set borrowed from upstairs, but a couple of months ago funds allowed for us to purchase a new flat screen LCD version.

Having been so used to our new tiny little set when this monster arrived and was perched on our little pine trunk - well, I honestly shed a tear. It just seemed *so* out of proportion and I could never see how it would work. I (aka the Queen of Clean) was of course delighted with the new purchase (being a man), and set about convincing me that of course it would work. He announced he was going to build an alcove unit.

Now funds had already been stretched for the new TV and there was no way I wanted to throw good money after bad (as I saw it) on wood, doors etc for the alcove unit. So we decided to use an old pine wardrobe we had in the garage. I turned our old wardrobe into the above unit and shelf and even added two custom nooks for my Ikea wicker baskets. Not pictured because we just finished painting this unit tonight and it isn't safe to put them back yet - when in situ they hide all the ugly wires you can see. In them we keep Wii remotes and the like.

So he really did try hard to get me to come to terms with our new addition.

End result is that I have learnt to live with our new purchase and feel good about finding a new purpose for our old wardrobe.

On a separate note - here is another cheap art idea. I had this frame kicking about that the thought of choosing and printing five pictures to fit the slots was just too much to think about. So I gave it to my daughter with blank paper inserted behind it and asked her if she wanted to do a drawing of us all. Cheap and cheerful and stress free! She loves the fact that her art is on display in such a 'grown up' way.


  1. It is amazing what joy you find in living without isn't it? Love the art!

  2. Enjoyed reading this. Love your blog ;-)



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