Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Not sure why but I'm loving these

Goldfish coasters from Anthropologie.

Perhaps it is the recent addition to the household? I won't be purchasing though because I have just never really got the point of coasters. I've always felt they send a slightly inhospitable message of 'be careful where you put the drink I've just given you because I don't want you ruining my stuff'.

And that's why most of my furniture is covered in ring marks when you look close.


  1. truly.
    although i wonder, if you wanted to make something similar, how you would go about doing it. i would be able to figure the ceramic... but am at a loss as to how to print on the fish.
    loving your blog space and the principle behind it. i share you sentiment about the shoestring.


  2. really love these, they'd go very well with the white room featured above the one with the new tv :)



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