Sunday, 20 September 2009

Craft party and the Cath Kidston shop

Saturday was Yoyo's 6th birthday party. 11 girls creating 'Cosy Pets' from modelling clay. Lots of fun - I will post the finished result once it has dried properly and we have painted it. A huge thank you to my Mum, Sister and Mum's next door neighbour for the catering....can I use the working mother excuse that I just couldn't manage it alone?

Garlie & Ga (aka Granny & Grandpa) make all of the grandchildren's cakes every year - they have this book the kids pour through and choose their cake months in advance. I love the idea of that tradition carrying on....not sure how my parents feel about that??.........

And after all that 'good mum stuff' a little me time was required. Cue trip to the Cath Kidston factory outlet shop with my shopping partner in crime, Harry. Here they sell old season stock at reduced prices. I wanted to take some pics but wasn't sure what the etiquette was and if I would be thrown out - too much of a risk!

We loved it - and we were quite restrained. Harry made me laugh when she announced that Cath K ought to 'update her prints and make them more modern' - seems the classic 1950's design was lost on her! I bought the felt needle case above for £5 and the bag above (honestly I *really* did need a new bag) for £20.

A good weekend all in all. And whilst I was out I (aka the Queen of Clean) started painting these

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