Friday, 4 September 2009

Cheap(ish) Art

I know the Keep Calm prints seem to be *everywhere* at the mo, and I have wanted one for a while. I also saw a very cool eye chart looking picture in this month's Ideal Home like the one below which led me to browse on Keep Calm Gallery....

Upon investigation the above was £16 plus a frame (which I think may be a non-standard size - even more £££) so I decided against it. Before clicking away though I found these lovelies below.

15 (!) postcards for £7. They arrived this morning and are really good quality and I think in white Ikea frames will look fab. Could even do a montage of them. The colours are a bit more muted in real life than above. My favourites are the 'Every Cloud has a Silver Lining' and 'Be Optimistic' - a really nice mustard yellow in reality.

Now in order to be really thrifty just need to purchase frames from Ikea without picking up anything else........

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