Thursday, 7 January 2010

Shortcut Susie

I realise that I have forgotten to introduce you to Shortcut Susie.  This is the Queen of Clean's nickname for me.  Shortcut Susie because I like to do things the easiest way, while he is somewhat of a perfectionist.

Shortcut Susie appears at home mainly (although the nickname is now sometimes used at work - how mortifying!).  She assists me particularly when cooking (I cannot follow a recipe), tidying and always when trying to understand something.

The reason I have chosen this photo along with this post, is that I am proud that Shortcut Susie didn't have a hand in it.  We have an SLR camera, but Susie talks me out of using it most of the time. 

'Can you be bothered to take a light reading?'
'What about the shutter speed, what's an F stop?'
'Is the camera charged, bet you can't find the battery charger...'
'This is just too much effort, get your phone and we'll take a quick snap'

But one of my resolutions which didn't make it into my resolutions post is to learn how to use the SLR.  So tonight I picked it up, and I actually listened to the Queen of Clean (whose first job was as a photographer's assistant in London so he does know his stuff) and asked questions.  This particular shot is my own work.  All the Queen of Clean did was hold a lamp at an angle to cast the shadow from the tree branches on to the print at the back. 

Don't worry about Shortcut Susie feeling left out......she's about to help me tidy the kitchen.


  1. I do spot some Ikea here :) Oh, some more!
    Been enjoying your blog a lot, please, keep posting on a regular basis!
    Greetings from snowy Germany

  2. Yes the jug and frames are Ikea - and the tealights in the candle holders of course!

    Thanks for your kind words about the blog :) - I will endeavour to keep posting regularly!

  3. love it love it love it. I wish I could learn how to use those cameras, however I physically need a 1:1 teacher for such luxuries!

  4. Have you thought about doing Project 365 to help you with the SLR resolution?? Could be a great idea!

    ps: great little vignette you have there!

  5. Fantastic. I just said to my husband that I want an SLR for my next big gift and he said we already have one. Apparently, he was given one but couldn't be bothered to figure out how it works. So I have put him on the task of finding the manual and charger for me so I can figure it out. Pic is lovely! Are you doing the Decor8 Interiour Styling? She has given me some lovely feedback on my photography.

  6. @ frugal trenches - i think anyone keen on photography is always up for sharing tips and techniques. Could you find an enthusiast to show you the ropes?

    @ michelle - I only heard of this 365 project today. Sounds good....perhaps I shall join in.

    @ skirts and wellies - what a find that you already have an SLR! Do you know I was too scared to submit my picture to Decor8's interior styling case it didn't get accepted! But I did and it is in the pool! Will check yours out in a mo.

  7. We bought an SLR back in September, still havent had the time to figure out how to use it, we loved the pictures of Louis the Queen of Clean took when you visited that we just had to get one. Must look into Project 365, as usual the House that Jack Built has taken over our lives for the past year, loving the post!!! mx

  8. Hi Marianne - do look into the project 365, I think it may be the answer.

    Ahh I remember those pics of Louis with the tyre in his mouth! So lovely - The Queen of Clean had quite a thing for him you know ;-)



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