Monday, 18 January 2010

Style resolutions 2010

A blog I read regularly, Tea for Joy has challenged readers to post their style resolutions for 2010.  So after some consideration - here we are:-
  • I want to appreciate the opportunity for every corner of my home.  Like my kitchen windowsill above.  I want every corner to reflect who I am, and things I love.  A tall order perhaps...but there are so many corners that you overlook or just accept as being unchangeable.  I want to challenge that this year.
  • I will finally learn the art of displaying a group of pictures on the wall.  I have seen so many beautiful examples of this on flickr photo groups and other blogs, magazines.  I think perhaps I am building this up into something more than it is......and I just need to be brave and do it.
  • I want to devote more time (please someone tell me where to find just slips away from me) to crafting.  I desperately want to learn to crochet to create some of the beautiful granny square cushions I have seen and adore like this one below from Emma Lamb.

  • Our main project for 2010 will be the bathroom we started to dismantle 18 months ago when we moved here, and ran out of budget for.  I will find the funds to tackle this and create a functional, but beautiful bathroom.  On a shoestring.
So there you have it.  My style resolutions for 2010.


  1. There is never enough time. Crocheting will be fun. I found joining a class helped me get on task with my craft, sewing. It makes it easier to stick with it because I know all those other women will be expecting me. Enjoy your style resolutions!

  2. Great resolutions! I'm not sure what mine are. Since this year, I doubt I'll have a home. lol

  3. I am with you on learning crocheting. It has been on my list forever. May be I need to make it my resolution too :)

  4. Thanks all - bought the wool and crochet hook. Spent many wasted minutes watching crochet videos on videojug...but to no avail.

    I think finding a real life teacher may be the answer!



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