Monday, 18 January 2010

The cake

There is much excitement here this morning.

It is littlest one's birthday and Ga (Grandpa) has just delivered the much talked about cake.  Littlest one had spotted this cake on the internet about 6 months ago and has mentioned it at least weekly since then. 

And here it all it's dessicated coconut glory.


Littlest one was so overwhelmed he hid when it was delivered!  Did I mention before my skillful delegation of all children's birthday cakes to my parents?  The fabulous Garlie and Ga (aka Granny and Grandpa).  I highly recommend this strategy to all parents.


For now this cake is safely hidden under the laundry basket, from our inquisitive kittens, until its unveiling this afternoon at a very small tea party.

Littlest one and I have a day to for now we are off to have some fun!


  1. So nice to get a bit of time one on one with them isn't int. Very impressive cake. Don't let my kids see that. We don't have grandparents nearby to do all that work!

  2. Thanks :) It was a lovely day just littlest one and I. Much needed and much enjoyed.

  3. Hi Anna, love the cake, Mum's 60th on 9th March, where did the cake come from it is brill, any other ideas for something different and me baking on is most definitely out of the question!!! mx

  4. excuse my spelling mistake, I meant one!!!

  5. Hi Marianne - the cake was made by my Mum & Dad. Littlest one chose it from CBeebies website. It is a scene from one of his favourite programmes.

    No creative ideas on the baking front - that is why I delegate to my parents!!! I have seen some fab photo icing where you can get a photo made into icing, I think bakers will do it for that may be an idea? Aside from top strategy is delegation. Get someone else to do it!!



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