Saturday, 2 January 2010

A ramble about a bar stool

I had a good find today outside a charity shop, a little pine table (well that's what I thought it was) for £3.95.  I couldn't resist it - even though I had driven to town in my Ford KA and it was going to be a squeeze to get it in.

We have rejigged our furniture in the lounge and there was nowhere for anyone to rest a cup of tea if they were sat in our leather chair.  Since the sofa collapsed on Christmas Eve this leather chair is really the prime seat in the house, and we had been discussing the need for a side table for a few days.

So I bought it home, very triumphant with my find.  The Queen of Clean (who incidentally was cleaning the kitchen sink at the time) asked me why I had bought a bar stool.  Oh no said I, it's definitely a table.  Well, after much debate and googling the Ikea name stamped on the underneath we established yes, it was indeed a bar stool.

But quite frankly who cares.


Here it is before, in all it's ikea rubberwood bar stool glory.  I took exceptionally bad pictures today so the black and white is an attempt to disguise my lack of focus.


And here we after 3 coats of white satinwood (could probably do with another tomorrow) and the legs sawn down.

This little table/bar stool has made me very happy this evening.


  1. Hi Anna, I am just signed up to follow your blog, eventually, I am addicted to your blog the Homle sites, just yesterday purchased two framed pictures from the KeepCalm Gallery at TK Maxx, one for bedroom and one for newly decorated bathroom.

    Love all your ideas and your house is coming on, check out Next signs for new door signs at a reasonable price, our's is very modern PVC 'glass look' but they do all sorts.

    Hope I am posting right I am a newbie to all this. Hope to get' House that Jack built' before and after photos on flickr when it goes on the market next month, to help sales, here's hoping!!!! Will keep you posted.

  2. Hi Marianne :) Thanks for visiting. Will check out Next for the house sign....our existing No.9 isn't doing it for me.

    Didn't realise you were selling up :(. How I love your home. When you are up on flickr let me know - would love to link to it on here (as an example of how interior design should be done!)if you'd allow me?

    Anna x

  3. Spacify offer a wide selection of Bar Stools for your modern seating.



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