Monday, 4 January 2010

The Sofa Saga

So as you may know the sofa collapsed on Christmas Eve.   Whilst at the time it was mildly amusing and we tried very hard not to mind, smugly thinking what jolly festive spirits we were not to worry about such a catastrophe...... now it's seriously annoying me.

We attempted a repair which has shifted the break further along the frame if that's possible.  Essentially the middle of the sofa is now sitting on the floor if anyone parks themselves on it.

So we have two choices (sorry actually three if I count the unmentionable one in):-
  1. Purchase the above Halo sofa that I have wanted for ages on credit (currently 30% off in Jan sale)
  2. Attempt another repair until I have saved up for sofa above (but price will have gone up)
  3. Borrow my Mum & Dad's spare sofa they have kindly offered (this is actually the unmentionable option - M&D I love you dearly but I am not a Multiyork floral kind of gal, sorry)
 What the heck should we do? 1, 2 or 3?


  1. OK seriously I would get the sofa you want now, can you get any interest free credit deals or get a new 0% credit card?

  2. I like this idea.

    Can't get 0% with retailer, but could get a 0% deal on a card.

  3. I think I'd buy it now, but be purposely frugal-- even cutting back more than normal-- to pay it off super quickly (before those 0% cards sky rocket to 24% or something like that). If you've got the will (and maybe a plan) for a pay-off date...go for it. Because if you aren't into multiyork floral, there really isn't much of another option;)

  4. Thanks Kate. Still undecided - think we will attempt one last repair tomorrow and see how it goes. If it's immediately obvious it won't hold up we'll go ahead and order.

  5. We just had this problem. My practical head would say save and take the floral to be covered with throws, but we didn't do that. Ours was unfixable so we checked out every super cheap option and our hearts were so down we decided to bite the bullet. We hit the sale for the one we really wanted and it feels wonderful to have something you really love in the lounge, so go for it.

  6. Actually around where I live they constantly have sales on furniture. I bought all my furniture with a store credit card that was interest free as long as you paid it back in 9 months, and I never paid a dime of interest, but I had the money in the bank to pay the price so to me that made the difference. I really don't know if I would go into debt, just in case Murphy came to visit.

  7. I would repair until saved up as my first choice. But if it really is a need rather than a want/desire/preference then 0% saving monthly to insure you can have it paid off in full with no interest in the year or however long the 0% is for! I'm no expert tho...!

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    This is still under debate chez whoops-a-daisy!



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