Friday, 29 January 2010

Cake sale woes

We were late for the cake sale at school today....every last one had gone by our arrival. 
Even the much despised shop bought Mr Kipling's a big no no at our school to bring a shop bought cake to a cake sale. Although I do engage in such practices myself.....I trot out the working mum excuse, or even worse engage my parents in the cake making and then pass the results off as my own. There, I said it. 

Well I digress.  Yoyo immediately burst into tears about the lack of cakes......this is very unlike her, so in a moment of desperation I announced we would make some cakes together when we got home. 

So without further ado this is my recipe for cooking with children.  Photos very kindly provided by The Queen of Clean.


Take equal measures of tolerance and patience....

Turn one (or if preferred two), blind eyes depending on potential for spillage.....


Add in one stock phrase, to be repeated throughout process.  

My current favourite is 'Hang on a minute!'

Finally, and this is the crucial ingredient......mix in endless amounts of enthusiasm.

Have a fantastic weekend :)


  1. Love it. Dare I admit, I too struggle with the whole "oh what a great cake you've made....". lol I usually smile and then admit, but I don't want to! lol

  2. Ahhhh, my phrase is "don't eat it yet". Always! She is very neat compared to cooking with two boys.



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