Wednesday, 20 January 2010

This trunk

I was going to post something profound about the three little bottoms perched on this trunk.

But as I thought about it, I started thinking about the trunk itself.   Not that in any way the trunk is more important than the people sat on it, I assure you.

This trunk was in an antique shop that was a couple of doors down from a house I shared whilst I was at University.  I walked past it every day for months and thought, when I have my own home, I want a trunk like that.  I thought a lot about that trunk on my long walk up a hill to lectures, and the home it would eventually fill.  I then saw the price tag.  It wasn't pretty or achievable on a student budget.  So my Mum agreed to buy it for my 21st birthday.

So one afternoon The Queen of Clean and I went in to buy the trunk and carry it to my student room.  I think my housemates thought I'd lost the plot.  It wasn't every 21 year old girls dream really now was it, some old trunk from the shop over the road?  It was so heavy and we had to lug it up the stairs on these little decorative handles that dug into my hands.  So there it sat for the remainder of the year, in pride of place underneath a 'Titanic' poster.  It was the 90's......Kate & Leo where the height of fashion back then.  I promise.  Or perhaps it was just me.......

So later that year when we bought our first home, this trunk became our TV stand.  And I had no idea that just a couple of years later it would be a toy chest for my firstborn.  Or fast forward now 12 years later it would have those three adorable bottoms perched on it playing Wii. 

So this trunk is very important to me.....because when I reflect at how things have turned out, perhaps not as originally planned, I want to go back to that 21 year old me contemplating the trunk and let her know that the trunk is definitely a good purchase and that her home and life will be all that she wishes it could be.


  1. That sounds like a life which being spent with a lot of pleasure! Keep writing :)

  2. I loove trunks! In fact, I have a slight obsession! Adorable picture :)

  3. Great post - I love things that have a bit of history. Husband has a small trunk that we're thinking about tidying up to use as a toy chest in the not too distant future :)

  4. @ Frau Mayer - thanks for your kind words :)

    @FT - More trunks to follow shortly!! Keep an eye out....

    @Shoestring - although we used this as a toybox it was short lived as the hinges were very dangerous. I had a near heart attack every time it was closed. Eventually we used some polysterene door stoppers from a baby safety pack over the sides. Worked okayish.

    @Michelle - Thank you, I wrote this in about 10 mins whilst kids tea cooking and they were otherwise occupied. It was a bit of a rush job so pleased it came across okay!



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