Sunday, 31 January 2010



We really did go birdwatching today....well we tried.  Went armed with borrowed binoculars and bird spotters reference book to a local reservoir.  It was freezing, and so we were tempted into the barn there, to make our own toad houses and get stuck in with some various other crafting stuff on offer.

We have promised ourselves to give it another shot when the weather warms up.

So when we got back home, I remembered these birds made from wood/vintage wall paper that I bought last year from Ladies & Gentlemen.  I thought they might look good on my twig (you may have already seen this as a Jingle Bell tree at Christmas, and a glass heart tree....wait till Easter comes around!).

They are all now perched happily on the playroom shelf.  Not quite as exciting as the real thing....but dare I say it a little prettier?


  1. love the simplicity of the bird silhouettes. very pretty!

  2. It was the Bird Watching weekend wasn't it? I didn't see any but heard loads! I must get binoculars one day!

    Beautiful birds!!

  3. I totally forgot about the bird watching weekend. Your birds are lovely. By the way, the template I used was from and then I customised the html a bit. That's why it took me so long to sort it out properly. :) Thanks for your nice commment though.



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