Sunday, 10 January 2010

And where is Disneytown?

 Imagine my surprise when this weekend, The Queen of Clean announced he was going to tackle some unscheduled decorating.  Usually these things are negotiated weeks in advance.  I was of course, delighted.

We had months ago bought this map of the world mural for our playroom, but never started the mammoth task of putting it up.  So this weekend we did it (aswell as painting another wall and some shelves, and finishing the skirting board in this room).

I cannot recommend this particular mural - I understand now why it is cheaper than all the others!  It was a complete pain to line up (it consists of 8 pieces) and midway through I had to ply The Queen of Clean with Pinot Grigio to get him to carry on.  The children were so excited and littlest one here kept asking, 'And where is Disneytown?' I tried to explain the various Disney locations (and the cost implications - we'll be camping in the UK again this year) but it was rather lost on him.

There is still much to do in this room - we have got to decide whether to paint the pine bookcases that line two walls of this room (40 shelves in total!) white or leave them as is.  After today I'm leaning towards leaving them......... We also need to build a boxed in piece of skirting to hide the pipes under the radiator, and edit the contents of all the shelves.  So much rubbish.

So for now, here is the little corner where I am sitting right now!  We are going to replace this chair (borrowed from our dining set) with a bentwood vintage chair when I can find one or one of these.

The two shelves above the computer The Queen of Clean built for me after I saw something similar on the Pottery Barn website.  They have a little ledge at the front so you can use them to display pictures with no risk of them falling off.  I found out a couple of weeks after these were built that you can get exactly the same thing from Ikea for about £5!  (so naturally I got some more for my bathroom).  These ones though are a little wider which means I can display vases and toys etc.

As the room is finished I will show you more, but here is this little corner for the moment.

What do you think?


  1. WOW! I wish I had a wall like that when I was younger! I was always fascinated by maps and atlas', but never owned one or had the chance to "explore" with one. Looking at one makes you realize there are other holiday destinations other than Spain, Cyprus and such like! Brilliant job it looks fab! X

  2. I don't know that I would have had the patience, but it looks great!

  3. Thank you both - it is still making me smile every time I walk in here!

  4. I couldn't read. I was too busy swooning after the map and then the playroom. I am still lost in dreams, thought and wonder.

  5. This is such a fantastic idea not only for a child's room but any room! Absolutely ADORE that chair with the pile of books and the jar of daisies and the floor and the skirting and the pink boots...............:-)

  6. I love the map as I love to travel. You do such a lovely job with your decorating, I am envious.



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