Friday, 8 January 2010

Normalising the absurd

This morning whilst I was in the bath, I realised that I'd stepped in without properly 'seeing' this little scene of Barbie dolls in various stages of amputation, along with their plastic owl sidekicks.

In our home there are lots of these little absurd scenes that the children have abandoned mid play.  I love to take a minute when I discover them to work out what the storyline was.

I just dread to think the plot of the above..............

In addition - please be aware that the Queen of Clean almost begged me not to post this picture.  It's the taps not being shiny that is making him uncomfortable!  You see this bathroom really is quite grim.  Half the tiles are missing from the walls, and there is no bath panel.  We started renovating immediately we moved in, and before we realised the budget had to be spent on some more essential double glazing.

So we have kind of given up in this room on the shiny tap thing.  Just so you're clear ;-)


  1. It's been a long time since I saw a photo that made me laugh! Never mind the taps - the photo is brilliant!

  2. made me chuckle when I saw this, I had just been checking out the lovely Home and Gardens magazine with all its perfect photo shots, then clicked through my google reader and saw this, Real every day life in all its glory! Perfect...

  3. I would never have noticed the taps till you mentioned it....

  4. Thanks all for your comments - and in case you were interested I have quizzed Yoyo over the plot.

    Apparently this is a surprise party for the doll mid tap. The owls are essentially events organisers; in Yoyo's words 'one owl is saying goodbye, the other is handing out party bags'. I didn't press for an explanation over the missing limbs in case something more sinister was revealed........

  5. yes... i can only imagine the storyline here... accidents while diving?



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