Sunday, 30 January 2011

Natural Taupe 1

On a whim this afternoon I bought a tester paint pot of Natural Taupe 1 (Dulux of course).  I intended to just 'test' it on the chimmney breast, but we got carried away and couldn't stop painting.  The littlest ones were also we thought we may as well paint the whole thing.  Well, at least until the tester pot ran dry.  Of course I wasn't organised enough to take a before picture, but I found this one from a past post.

Anyway we are loving this new colour.  The whole room before was an insipid magnolia shade and we love the warmth this taupe brings to the room. We're just not sure how far to take it.  The Queen of Clean wants to paint the entire room (which I disagreed with at first, but now I'm undecided).  I'm worried it may be too dark, although this room does windows either end (it is our living/dining room) and is usually really light.  The alternative would be to paint a paler shade or cream everywhere else.  Was thinking the walls on other side of the room could get the taupe treatment also, but perhaps that's a bit of a dated look now. 

Arrgh....decisions, decisions. 

I think we'll live with our tester pot chimmney breast for a couple of weeks before we commit either way.


  1. It's a lovely colour and I'd opt for painting the whole room with it. It does look to be a well lit room and you have white woodwork, too. (Not that I know anything about hoome decor!).

  2. Hope I'm not too late to make a suggestion..
    I would get hold of the fan deck that the paint colour came from and paint the rest of the room in the same tone but two or three shades lighter/paler. So that would be [after a bit of research] Natural Taupe 3 or 4.
    That will warm up the room but not so much as to darken it, and still leave the chimney breast standing out as it does now.. which I really like btw.
    Jo xx

  3. Thanks both - we are in a state of limbo at the moment - we decided to go for the whole room (as it has 3 windows it gets a lot of light), and having tried the Natural Taupe 3 (great minds think a like Jo) it was just too purpley. However, although I like the colour it's just not working with the curtains which have a green trim to them. It is a big room and we are only half way through, but feeling very undecided!

    Will post some progress shots soon.

  4. I tell you what else you could try Anna..
    If the NT1 that's on the fireplace DOESN'T have the purple in it that you dislike, then make your own mix.
    Buy a litre of any generic warm white and a litre of NT1 and mix them together.. that way you'll get a paler version of the colour you like.
    If it's too pale add NT1, if it's too dark add white.
    Just make sure you have enough of the mixture to do the whole room.

  5. Wow - looks gorgeous!



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