Sunday, 16 January 2011

Garden in January ('s not pretty!)

I've deliberately made my pictures for this post black and white, as it conveys my mood about the garden at the moment.  I do enjoy gardening, but only really venture out there when the weather is okay.

So at the moment every time I glimpse out on these scenes I'm about to show you, I just can't imagine that in a few months time it will look alright again.

These are my bay trees, that usually live either side of the front door.  When I was poorly and not going out of the house during the heavy snow I forgot to protect them and they have suffered.  When I finally got to them, one had been directly under a gutter and  a huge block of ice had formed in amongst the leaves.  I bought them in to the kitchen for a bit of TLC and a defrost with the hairdryer for a couple of days, then moved them to the back of the house against a warm wall.   

Despite this lavish care I think it may be bad news.  Some of the leaves are starting to develop black spots and it doesn't bode well.

These are the raised beds.  Looking a bit sorry for themselves.  Do your remember them here?

They just have some tuscan kale in at the moment - am not sure whyat made me decide to grow that, think Alys Fowler inspired me to grow it, but I've never actually eaten the stuff. seems to be growing at least.  I'm also using the raised beds to overwinter some hostas and other things that were too cramped in last years flower beds.  I thought if I took them out and cared for them in there I'd remember to reposition them come April time.

 So this is the view from my raised beds to the other end of the garden.  We had 3 trees removed at our neighbours request this summer and didn't realise how bare it would make everything look come this time of year.  We are planning what evergreen shrubs/trees we can plant this year to balance it back out.  I am officially sick of looking at that fence.

And finally, this little corner with it's cracked and empty pots kind of sums the whole garden up - in limbo.

Playing a waiting game, not sure of it's purpose.

In the meantime, I just need to take a deep breath every time I catch a glimpse and keep reminding myself it will look lovely again.

And please....keep your fingers crossed for my bay trees!

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  1. That's a real shame about the bays Anne.. I hope they survive.
    As far as the fence goes.. while you're waiting for whatever new thing you choose to plant in front of it to grow, what about training an ivy or better yet a Virginia Creeper over the fence.
    They grow fast & furious and take shocking abuse.. and you'll have evergreen colour all year.
    Jo xx

  2. Hi Jo - Bays looking even worse this morning :(

    Thanks for your ideas for fence coverage!



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