Sunday, 23 January 2011

Three beautiful things

1.  This heart that Yoyo gave me for christmas.  No further explanation required.

2.  The kids wanted some pirate treasure maps which turned into a fierce competition between me and The Queen of Clean with cold tea, burnt edges, crumpling effects etc.  Why beautiful?  Because it was one of those times when the urgency of what we had been doing was put to one side and our focus was them.  Because that is important, and doesn't always happen.   Who won?  Me for my burnt edges.  Sorry no pics....they were last seen being taken outside to locate treasure.

3. My littlest one makes friend with a Ladybird who he wants to keep as a pet and find a cage for.  (I also think he may be permanently cross eyed from inspecting this new pet).  Managed to convince him a  cage probably not the most sensible option for his new friend, we decided to park him in amongst a basket of socks instead.


  1. Lovely! We found our first ladybird of the year on the dining room table yesterday and Ruby was really taken with her. This old damp house of ours is like a ladybird haven!
    Kirsty xxx

  2. Hadn't thought about seasons etc and this being the first one I'd seen. Hopefully a sign that spring isn't too far away?

  3. Reminds me of a birthday present I was given by a school friend when I was about 7 - a ladybird in a matchbox. Wonder what happened to him? (The ladybird, not the friend).



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