Tuesday, 8 February 2011


 We are in a state of transition round here - still uncommitted to our new colour choice for the living/dining room and tackling it wall by wall.  It is a slow process, but it's gradual nature is somehow easier....as I look at that colour in different lights, whilst we're getting on with the important business of living in that room, well,  I'm getting used to it. 

The curtains aren't really working any more, which is a shame.  Think I will need to get some new ones (which wasn't in the budget at all).   

Goodness knows when we will eventually finish it.  Things take a while round here (as you have probably already realised).  Our rooms tend to evolve rather than have any set plan.

But thought I'd give you some progress shots.

What do you think?


  1. Are you going to leave the TV alcove the lighter colour Anna, because I think that looks great?
    It's interesting too to see how different the NT1 looks in these photos compared to the original shot.. where it looked really sandy.
    Jo xx

  2. Jo - the first pic was taken in the evening with little light and the other pics during the day. I am not sure re alcove as the other side of the chimmney breast there is a huge wall (the wall that is half painted in the shots above) and I think I need to ensure both sides get the same treatment so it looks balanced.

    Thanks for your ideas though :)

  3. Personally love the color choice :-). Makes me wish I could paint my apartment (or it could paint itself?)



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