Sunday, 27 February 2011

World Book Day (or how to cause unnecessary angst for working mothers day)

Firstly, a disclaimer - I am sure World Book Day causes as much angst for non-working mothers as myself. I sit in neither camp, as a mother I have both been at home, worked from home, worked part-time and now am full-time.  All these scenarios are fine and dandy with me and I wouldn't want my angst at getting costumes sorted to offend you and your working arrangements in any way.

But seriously, I have little no free time it seems.  So when good old World Book day rolls around I get a bit stressed.  I spied it on the calendar when I flipped it over prematurely this weekend.  For those of you who have been spared this  fiasco heart-warming event, children are asked to dress up as their favourite book character for school.  The flaw in this request is that most of my kids dressing up box relates to disney or tv characters. Yes I know I could probably get away with it, but the parents at my little ones school tend to go the extra mile.  Or the extra 10 miles.  

I have sent Yoyo as Lola (from Charlie & Lola) for the past three years (mainly because Lola has a huge inspiration on my choices for her wardrobe) and she is now deep in protest at having to endure another year of peter pan collars and ditsy prints.  Oh my, my little girl is growing up.

Are you still with me? This seems to be taking ages to describe my feelings on the matter.  A reflection of my stress levels around this subject perhaps?  

Well we had a good plan, Yoyo and I.  She is very fond of the Katie Morag stories, lovely gentle tales about a little girl who lives on an island in the outer hebrides.  Worth a look at if you need 7 year old girl reading inspiration.  Katie wears a kilt and a jumper with a blue zig zag stitch around the top.  After putting the word out for a kilt by text to my friends (secured within 5 minutes - don't you love modern technology), we set about the plan for the top.  Blue bias binding sewn onto a plain white t-shirt. I have sewn it on by hand so I could drag it around with me this weekend (and show off my Cath Kidston needlecase to the fellow spectators at the swimming pool - they didn't seem that impressed). 

Here it is below still in progress with the final row of bias to be sewn on along the bottom.

And whilst the ensemble probably won't win any prizes, I feel rather smug. 

Because at least I've tried, and as long as you've tried that's all that counts.  Yoyo's little brother however will be going as Luke Skywalker, with a plastic lightsabre (which will more than likely be confiscated upon arrival at the classroom door).  

Because two handmade carefully thought out costumes may show the other mothers up!


  1. I feel your pain! Big kidlet hates dressing up and is refusing to go to school in anything other than her school uniform...Hurrah! Little kidlet wants to be an owl...****!

  2. Natasha - she could be Roald Dahl's 'Matilda' as am sure she wears he school uniform? An owl - good choice little kidlet! Get your craft box out! Quicly...these creations take longer than anticipated ;-)

  3. Well done you on making that Katie Morag outfit - was it completed with a pair of Wellies?

    As a Teaching Assistant in a Primary School who last year dressed up as a Dalmation from 101 Dalmations I was really pleased that our school has foreited World Book Day for Comic Relief! And it is a relief for me I can tell you. haha.


  4. Hi Tracey :)- well a pair of knee high little boots rather than wellies. That she manages to convince me she is allowed to wear everyday.

    A dalmation costume I am impressed, am sure it was good to leave that in the wardrobe this year!



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