Thursday, 4 March 2010

Harry and the Orla Kiely bag

My friend Harry comes round most Wednesdays.  It's a historical arrangement - to make sure we get to see each other and also it's the night The Queen of Clean goes out biking. 

You know the friend you can literally snort with laughter with?  That's Harry.  Last night we nearly choked on our dinner for various ridiculous plans that would be lost in translation in this post.  Harry if you are reading this I can hear your sigh of relief!

She's not really called Harry but my kids think that's her was a non correctable point of confusion somewhere along their development. 

So we all call her Harry now.

And so on to my point of this post and the picture above.  Harry covets labels and things.  She won't mind me saying that.  And above, sits her pride and joy.  The Orla Kiely handbag. 

There is ongoing banter between Harry and The Queen of Clean about the handbag....he is incredulous about how much it cost (secretly feeling smug that his wife would not ever consider owning such a thing....little does he know!).  Last night whilst Harry was reading Yoyo her story upstairs, downstairs The Queen of Clean made this little addition to the bag - a homemade Orla Kelly Dymo label.  And he attached it to the bag (brave man - I wouldn't have dared).

Proud of his handiwork he tipped me off and we both waited with bated breath for the reaction..........

'Have you been buying knock off hand bags again Harry?' he asked her...

.........and then there was more laughter.


  1. Argh - don't show me Orla Keily pictures! I'm trying to behave myself over the choice of a changing bag. Gorgeous print (and a great gag - nice work!).

  2. Ahhh....the power of Orla. Who would have though that little stem print could all leave us with our knickers in a twist ;-)



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