Sunday, 7 March 2010


The Queen of Clean and I celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary yesterday - the children were packed off to Grandparents for a sleepover and we had an entire day and evening to ourselves.

After getting over the guilt and getting used to the freedom, we went for a lovely lunch in St Albans and purchased chocolate supplies from Hotel Chocolat.  Raspberry and white chocolate fusion.....Bliss.

I was surprised with some flowers..... really, I was surprised.  We are not the sort of couple who are good at presents or surprises.  Not in our remit. So this gesture threw me.

However, in a moment of inspiration/desperation to reciprocate,  I stumbled across the wonderful Wordle website.  And created image with the lyrics of our favourite James Morrison song, 'You make it real for me'.  I am going to print and frame it when time allows. 

Gosh, all seems a bit twee and loved up doesn't it?  Please be assured that by this evening we will be bickering over whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher............but for the moment, I'll enjoy that 'loved-up' feeling.


  1. Ah, very sweet. Congratulations on 11 years.

  2. Happy Happy Anniversary!! 11 years is grand!

  3. Congratulations. Hotel Chocolat is just the best way to celebrate, isn't it? (Just think if there really was a hotel made of chocolate........)



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